Looking For: Trainee, General – Union Feminist Internship

Job Description:

Anna Stewart Memorial Project – Union Feminist Internship

Apply now for the UnionsACT Paid internship program from 23 November to 4 December 2020. The Anna Stewart Memorial Project internship is open to all industries and all women and non-binary people comfortable in a space centring the experiences of women. Applicants must be living or working in the ACT and a financial member of a union or have a history of membership of a union (we support unemployed and underemployed workers too).

The internship aims to develop leadership skills, improve awareness of rights at work, provide skills in campaigning for equality, share an understanding of how unions work, give first-hand experience working with various unions in the ACT to learn about and inform our work towards equality through unionism – in the workplace and broader society.

Publication End Date: 8.30am 28 October 2020

Please click here to apply and for more information.