Peer tutoring


CITSA manages the peer tutoring which is a program for all current CIT students having difficulty with understanding the content of a subject. The program is funded by CIT projects and managed by the CIT Student Association (CITSA). Peer tutoring is a very useful and positive program assisting students to achieve success when finding subjects difficult.

A peer tutor is assigned to provide assistance with a subject. The peer tutor is a fellow student who already has advanced skills in the area and has been recommended by the teacher as someone with the required expertise to explain the concepts involved.

Eligibility for peer tutoring:

  • Students attending classes and attempting work
  • Students requiring help understanding course content

Peer tutoring does not cover issues with the English level required to complete a course and is not for help with the presentation, construction and proofreading of course/assessment materials.

Acceptance into peer tutoring is dependent on a student meeting eligibility criteria and availability of tutors for the subject.

Students receiving tutoring will be asked to contribute from $0 to $20 (depending on individual financial disadvantage) for each hourly session toward the payment of the tutor. CIT, through CITSA, will pay the remaining amount.

Students who tutor will be paid $20 per hourly session.

To sign up to receive peer tutoring or to become a peer tutor please contact (02) 6207 3600 or email us at

Tutor Peer Tutoring Registration form – fill out to become a tutor.

Student Peer Tutoring Registration Form – fill out to receive tutoring.

Studiosity and Study Support are also available for students needing assistance with understanding concepts, writing, proofreading and construction of course work and assessments.