Woden Community Service is looking for an Event Intern to work within the Community Development department to work on upcoming events coming up in Woden. With a focus on connecting community and place-making initiatives, the event intern will be able to work on a wide range of projects such as the Woden Experiment (Christmas markets, Friday Vino in the Square and art Workshops), Woden Community Day and Farrer Natural Play Space Opening Day.

The Woden Experiment is a landscape, furniture and built elements installation in the Woden Town Square. The aim of the project is to activate the Woden Town Square and encourage community and commercial organisations to undertake activation activities and events that support and build community connections. 

This is an opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders such as the ACT government, local community groups and other NFP’s. Ideally, someone would like to come in at least one a day week for six hours to work on this project. However, we are flexible and would consider a ‘block’ style placement. If you would like to know, more about the projects we are working on you can check out the Woden Experiment here: https://www.facebook.com/wodenexperiment/ or contact Casey (61812802) for more information.

To put forward your interest for this internship please send through a CV and 500 word (max) cover letter detailing your experience and drive to work in event management and community settings.

Name of Contact: Casey Armstrong

Email: casey.armstrong@wcs.org.au