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Student A to Z

We have put to together this A to Z Directory of important information for CIT Students. Read carefully as it is very informative.

ADVOCACY: The CITSA Office staff are able to accompany you as an advocate if you have to meet with CIT staff. You may wish to discuss a result, need help mediating a problem or need a support person at a meeting. CITSA staff can assist and support students with a complaint or advise you about the CIT appeal process.

ACCOMMODATION: CIT manages on and off campus accommodation (residential and home stay) for international and regional students. You can call 6207 4661 for more information. Students should visit here for other options as well as notice boards on campus.

ACCOMMODATION – EMERGENCY: Call First Point on 1800 176 468. First Point is the central intake service into the homelessness system where one free call quickly and easily connects homeless people to the best available supports. Provides crisis assessment and placement into homelessness services and other support services. Phone service is open Mon-Fri 9am-7pm and Sat 10am-1pm.

APPEALING A GRADE: Students have the right to appeal an assessment decision. If you would like your result reviewed, CIT Student Services has forms available or you can download a form here.

ATMs: There are ATMs located in the canteens at CIT Reid, CIT Woden and CIT Fyshwick and next to the Learning Centre (Library) at CIT Bruce. EFTPOS facilities are also available at the CIT Bruce, CIT Reid and CIT Woden Bookshops. An EFTPOS facility is available at CIT Tuggeranong and CIT Tuggeranong for purchases only.

AUSTUDY/ABSTUDY: A government grant for indigenous and non-indigenous people studying full time – application forms are available from any Centrelink office. Visit Human Services.

BOOKSHOPS: CITSA operates all bookshops across CIT which sell prescribed texts. As well as course related materials, the bookshops sell, postage stamps, recharge cards, USBs and much more! Binding and fax services are also available. Discounts are available to students who show their CIT ID Card prior to purchase.

CAFÉ YALA: There are coffee shops at CIT Bruce, CIT Reid and CIT Woden. Opening hours vary from campus to campus. Serving the best coffee, hot chocolates, frappes, home made cakes, and other surprises from time to time!

CANTEENS: CITSA operates canteens at CIT Bruce, CIT Fyshwick, CIT Reid and CIT Woden. Opening hours vary from campus to campus so visit for hours. Each canteen has a Canteen Manager so if you have feedback please contact them directly.

CENTRELINK: A government department that provides income support to students who meet the income criteria. You can contact any Centrelink office for information or visit their website for information regarding income support for students

CHILDCARE CENTRES: Childcare centres operate at CIT Bruce and CIT Reid. Woden Early Childhood Centre is located in the Woden area for students attending class at CIT Woden.

CIT CARDS: All CIT students are issued with a CIT ID Card available once your fees are paid. Cards are available from CIT Student Services located on every campus. Also, if you are a full-time student enquire at CIT Student Servcies about eligibility for a NSW Travel Concession.

CIT FIT & WELL – FITNESS CENTRE: A fitness centre is available for students from all CIT campuses at A Block, CIT Bruce. Phone 6207 4303 for opening times and membership prices. The fitness facility has a wide range of new equipment and hosts group exercise classes and personal training. Check out more details at CIT Fit & Well.

CIT HAIR & BEAUTY: Hairdressing@CIT and Beauty@CIT are training salons open to the general public and staffed by apprentices and students who work in industry offering a range of professional cut and beauty services at very reasonable prices. They are located on the first floor, C Block, Constitution Avenue, CIT Reid. Bookings essential, phone Salon Reception 6207 3246.

CIT MASSAGE & NATUROPATHY STUDENT CLINICS: Need a boost in health and vitality? Massage: $20/hour – manipulation of soft tissue to provide relief from muscular tension, pain, postural problems or relaxation. Consultation and assessment determines hands-on techniques best suited to presenting condition. Naturopathy: Only cost for supplements – our student Naturopathy practitioners are holistic health care professionals trained in medical sciences, nutrition & herbal medicine. A thorough health care assessment will be performed, then your practitioner will make recommendations to restore health & wellbeing using natural remedies. B005 at CIT Bruce, Haydon Drive. Contact 6205 4727 for bookings.

CIT PRINT SERVICES: CIT Print Services offer A4-A3 full colour & mono printing services for all students. Located at CIT Reid in Room H23. Call 6207 4150 for enquiries.

CIT SKILLS RECOGNITION AND RECOGNISED PRIOR LEARNING: CIT’s recognition process enables you to achieve qualifications by having your skills and knowledge recognised, maybe you studied a vocational subject or course during school, or had a part-time job in the area you are beginning to study. In either case your experience can count towards gaining your qualifications sooner. Enquire at CIT Student Services if you would like to know more about Skills Recognition and RPL.

CITSA: CITSA provides a range of services and facilities on campuses, for instance, bookshops, food services, information shop fronts, social and recreational facilities, student employment listings, advocacy and appeals, representation on CIT committees, grants, information about Centrelink benefits, Heath Care Card Application Forms and much more.

CITSA COUNCIL: CITSA Council is an elected student council that oversees the management of the Canberra Institute of Technology Student Association Incorporated. CITSA Council represents its members and provides a channel of communication with CIT, as well as providing services and facilities for its members, and promoting the social, cultural, recreational and intellectual development of its members.

CITSA MEMBERSHIP: CITSA membership is not compulsory. Students who wish to become members can do so either by completing membership online here, in person at any CITSA office or by completing an application form at the back of this diary. Membership entitles you to vote at annual elections and to stand for election to CITSA Council.

COMPLAINTS: As soon as you are aware of a problem, speak to your teacher or someone who you feel you can approach. If you are not satisfied with the response, then contact the Education Manager in the CIT Centre in which you are studying. At any time throughout this process you can take a support person with you (friend, family, other student, CITSA staff member, counselling). CITSA Office staff understand how this process works at CIT, so you can always ask us for help along the way.

COUNSELLING – 24HR CRISIS SUPPORT: CIT has qualified counsellors on campus for student support – call 6207 3290 for an appointment or see a CIT Counsellor on your campus. Lifeline also provides a round-the-clock crisis phone counselling service Phone: 13 11 14. Inanna Counselling Centre offers short term counselling and specialist programs for people affected by homelessness and trauma. Enquiries 6162 1672.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Provides crisis intervention, advocacy, referral, information, support and practical assistance for people subjected to, or using, violence and abuse in relationships. They can advise about access to emergency accommodation (refuge accommodation, referrals to medium and longer term housing options, or other types of emergency accommodation in limited circumstances), emotional support, information and safety options. DVCS will also arrange to meet people in a safe place following an incident if the Police are not involved. Crisis Line 6280 0900 (24hrs/7days) telephone support includes crisis counselling, information, options and support – callers can remain anonymous if desired. Visit

EMAIL US: Please feel free to contact CITSA with any issue we may be able to assist you with at E:

EMPLOYMENT: The CITSA Jobshop has recent listings of full time, casual and part time jobs available for CIT students. You can access jobs here.

FACEBOOK: Everyone else has a Facebook persona, so why not CITSA. Become a friend, so you know what is happening in and around campus. We will keep you informed and up to date. Don’t miss out

FAXES: CIT Bruce, CIT Reid and CIT Woden bookshops offer a national fax service. Local faxes are $1per page, STD faxes are $1.50 per page.

FEE ASSISTANCE: CIT offers ACT Government Fee Assistance (scholarships) to students in financial need for help with their course fees or related costs, so look into whether you’re eligible to apply. If you require advice speak to a staff member at CIT Student Services, someone at CIT Counselling, or at your CITSA Office.

FEES: You can pay your fees at any Post Office, with BPay or via the internet. If you are on campus you can also pay your fees at CIT Student Services. Before you pay your fees, check that you have all the details on concessions.

FORMS: For a list of all CIT forms you may need to download and print, click here.

FINANCIAL HELP: The CITSA staff at Bruce, Reid and Woden can give you advice if you find yourself in need of financial help. For assistance, call Reid on 6207 3600, Bruce on 6207 4311 and Woden on 6207 4860. You can also ask CIT Student Services for information about options that may be available to you. See also “Fee Assistance” entry on previous page. If you are a receiving a Centrelink benefit ask the CIT Student Services staff if you are eligible for a concession BEFORE you pay for your fees.

FYSHWICKNATS: An annual car show held at CIT Fyshwick, jointly sponsored by CITSA and the Summernats team. Open to all students with a passion to show off their utes, cars and motorbikes. Entry information at

GRADUATION: There is a graduation ceremony on Wednesday 15 May and Thursday 16 May for students who have completed their courses in 2012. International students who are studying and complete their course in 2013 can graduate at the end of the year on Tuesday 10 December.

HEALTH SERVICES: A comprehensive listing of health services is provided at the back of this diary.

HEPATITIS SERVICES: ACT Hepatitis Resource Centre provides information and support for people affected by Hepatitis B and C. The Centre has a variety of information and can help you with testing and treatment details. Counselling and support are also available for newly diagnosed people and for those who are considering or undergoing treatment… you are not alone! For a confidential appointment call 1300 301 383.

INTERNATIONAL OMBUDSMAN: International students can lodge a complaint regarding their course to the Overseas Student Ombudsman. Call the Help Line on 1300 362 072 or email them at E: You can also visit

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: The International Services Unit (ISU) can provide you with support while studying at CIT. Find all the information you need about CIT, student visa’s, support services, accommodation and university pathways. The office is in Room C102, First Floor, Building C, Vowels Crescent, CIT Bruce. You can call them anytime on 6207 4662 or email E: If you need advice regarding other aspects of living and working in Canberra contact the CITSA office. You can also check the CITSA website at for accommodation and employment listings.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS’ PROGRAM/COURSE INFORMATION AND SUPPORT – PASTORAL CARE OFFICERS: Selected teachers and administrative staff at CIT have a role as ‘Pastoral Care Officer’, who are a good support resource for International students. Pastoral Care Officers are there to assist International students with any concerns they may have with their current studies. If an International student doesn’t know who to ask for help or needs to discuss various issues, their Pastoral Care Officer will be able to assist.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT IDENTITY CARDS: International Student Identity Cards (ISIC) are issued by STA Travel for students intending to travel overseas at a cost of $25. ISIC card application forms need to be completed to apply for a card, and you must provide a passport photo at time of applying. You can purchase an ISIC card online from STA. Visit

LEGAL SERVICE: The Welfare Rights and Legal Centre offers one-off legal advice and referral in all areas of law. Tuesdays between 6pm-8pm Phone 6281 7999 or go to Havelock House, Gould St, Turner ACT. Visit

LOST PROPERTY: CIT Student Services keep a lost property register for found items on campus. It is also worth checking at the CTISA Office.

NATIONAL CAMPUS COMPETITIONS: The Australian Association of Campus Activities (AACA) is a national organisation which runs four competitions for students annually – National Campus Band Comp, National Campus Art Prize, National Campus Film Festival, National Campus DJ Comp. Check our their website for conditions of entry.

PARKING VOUCHERS: CIT Reid students may be eligible for Urban Services Parking Vouchers. Students who have paid their fees, are studying full-time and hold a Low Income Health Care Card are eligible to apply for a parking concession. Applications are available from CIT Student Services, Ground Floor A Block and the CITSA Office, A Block at CIT Reid.

PHONES: Public phones are few and far between, but there are two located at CIT Reid and one at CIT Woden. Check the maps in the CIT Student Information Guide (green book) to see where they are located or ask at CIT Student Services or your CITSA Office.

PRAYER ROOMS: CIT has prayer rooms available for all students. CIT Reid Prayer Rooms are located in Rooms H20d & H09, the CIT Bruce Prayer Room is located in Lower H Block opposite the female toilets and the CIT Woden Prayer Room is located in Room F09.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES: CITSA hosts several social activities throughout the year. Check the CITSA website, Facebook page, Phone App or follow us on Twitter, to keep up to date with what is happening in and around CIT. (All links listed inside diary cover). Posters will also be distributed around campuses. You can contact the CITSA Office on your campus for more specific details.

SPORT: CIT students are able to participate at the Eastern University Games to be held in Wollongong in July this year. If you are interested in playing a team sport then contact the CITSA Office immediately. There is no reason for you not to play as the Eastern University Games are held in the July semester break over four days.

SQUASH: There are two squash courts available for students to use at CIT Reid. Booking a court is essential, so please call the CITSA Office at Reid on 6207 3600. Contact us during business hours if you require after hours access. CITSA also has equipment for free hire for students.

STUDENT EMAIL: Students can log into their mail account at the following All students will automatically have a student mail account, your email address will be your CIT number eg.

TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2013: All students are asked to vote for teachers who they feel have excelled in their role as educators. The Awards night will be held on Wednesday 18 September at the CIT Learning Centre, CIT Reid.

TENANTS ADVICE SERVICE: A telephone advice and assistance service on private tenancies and rentals in the ACT. They also provide information on tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Phone for advice on your tenancy or occupancy problems. Monday to Friday 10am–11.30am phone 6247 2011. Visit the website for links to advice sheets, as well as their publication “Crowded House: A legal guide to share housing in the ACT”.

TUTORING: CIT and CITSA jointly fund a peer tutoring program for students who cannot afford a private tutor. If you need academic assistance in your course, contact a CITSA Office or CIT Student Services on your campus. A fee is charged to be tutored.

WWW.CITSA.COM.AU: Absolutely everything you need to know about CITSA but were too afraid to ask.

WELFARE RIGHTS AND LEGAL CENTRE: The advice line is both a one-off service for people wanting free legal advice and information on tenancy, public housing matters or Centrelink/Social Security matters, and an intake service for those matters that may require more than just one off advice. Phone the advice line on 6218 7900 between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday or go to Havelock House, cnr Northbourne Ave & Gould St, Turner ACT or visit

WIRELESS INTERNET: All campuses have wireless internet for students to use. Come and see the CITSA staff if you need help with set up.

WORKPLACE OMBUDSMAN: If you believe you are not receiving your minimum rights and conditions at work, contact the Workplace Ombudsman for FREE information and advice. Phone: Help Line on 1300 362 072 or visit Fairwork. Contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450 if you need help communicating in English.

YURAUNA CENTRE: The CIT Yurauna Centre is the indigenous support centre for indigenous students at CIT. If you are an indigenous Australian feel free to contact the Centre on 6207 3309.

YOUTH ALLOWANCE: A government grant for eligible people under 25 years old studying full time. Application forms from Centrelink and CITSA Offices. CITSA staff can help with your application if you find it too daunting.

YOUTH LAW CENTRE ACT: A free and confidential legal advice and referral service for young people 12-25 yrs. See them in person at their drop-in centre in Civic at Level 1, 14 Childers Street (corner of Childers & University Ave) every weekday 12pm-4pm or get help by phone 6173 5410 or email E: One off advice and assistance in areas including debt, residential tenancy, criminal matters, traffic offences, employment and apprenticeships, discrimination and protection orders. If they’re not able to assist you, they can refer you to other services including other legal services and youth organisations.