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CIT Reid Student Parking – FAQs
24th Aug


CIT Reid Student Parking – FAQs

Information related to parking at other campuses, eligibility for parking vouchers and applications is available on the CIT Website here.

Why has parking changed at CIT this semester?

Due to the car park being over crowded, many people were parking illegally, sometimes blocking people in and causing damage to other cars. CIT removed access for students known to have done this, but unfortunately this did not solve the problem. CIT is now undergoing a trial of limited access to the car park to try to solve this issue.

CITSA is helping students by communicating with students about the changes and gathering student feedback on the changes for CIT.

Where does my money go if I park across the road from CIT Reid?

To the ACT Government.

Where does my money go if I park in the CIT Reid Student Car Park?

To CIT. CITSA receives no money from student parking.

Does CITSA make money from Student Parking?

No. CITSA is working with CIT to give access to students in the most equitable way and only communicates CIT’s decisions on parking.

Will the parking situation change next year?

The changes to parking at CIT Reid are currently a trial. CITSA is providing CIT with the student feedback we receive to prompt changes in future.

What do I do if I’m not eligible but I can’t afford parking?

Come and talk to CITSA about your situation and we will help you. We may recommend you apply for a Centrelink Low Income Health Care Card or place you on a priority list .

You can see us in person in A Block at CIT Reid or email

I’m on the priority list, what now?

We are monitoring the car park in person and electronically to see if there is room for more people and to remove access of people who misuse the system. As more parking spots become available, we will contact people on our priority list to allow them to apply for the car park.

Students granted a place by CITSA will still need to pay $36.60 for the semester to get access to the car park.

What about evening classes?

The boom gates will open from 3:45pm to allow students free parking in the evening.

What are my other options?

  1. If you carpool, you may be able to access the ACT government’s 3 for Free parking scheme near the Canberra Olympic Pool. You must be arriving between 7:30 and 9 am with 3 or more people in your car. More information here.
  2. You can park at the National Convention Centre Canberra for $7 a day between 9 am and 5 pm. More information here.
  3. Try riding a bike or walking. There are many bike racks on the CIT Reid campus. Map available here.
  4. Catch buses. MyWay bus cards and timetables are available at the CITSA Bookshop.

I have another question!

Come and see us in the CITSA Office, call 62073600 or email and we’ll answer your questions.

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