Volunteer for Oaktree – Australia’s largest youth-run aid and development organisation with over 250,000 supporters

Oaktree engages with over 250,000 youths and supporters across Australia. We are able to do this through our State Branches which lead campaigns, fundraisers throughout the nation. The ACT State team drives these grassroots actions within ACT, giving young people the opportunity to thrive and make a real difference by gaining support to fund our partnered work in the Asia-Pacific.

As an ACT Community Engagement Officer, you will work in a setting that trains and empowers young people in high impact campaigning, public engagement and skill development. You will mainly be responsible for maintaining strong relationships with local communities, schools, universities, churches and workplaces to help run our biggest campaign: Live Below the Line.

As a Community Engagement Officer, a typical day might look like:

– Implementing campaigning actions such as recruiting young people to become involved in Oaktree’s programs.

– Establishing and developing meaningful relationships with external stakeholders like schools, giving them opportunities to take action and to deeply engage with both our political and social impact work.

– Helping develop understanding of the challenges that impact these partnerships and overcoming these.

– Taking part in regular team and State meetings.

– Strongly communicating Oaktree’s vision and engagement model to the outside world.

APPLY AT:  https://oaktreeorg.typeform.com/to/Scp6Ei